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Infield devellops tough specialised measurement and control equipment adopted to your needs, and are subcontracted to do manufacturing, programming and consultant services with an in-depth knowledge of our field.


IF32 - Data logger and control equipment for rough environment conditions and for long term use.

  • "Smartphone" controlled!
  • fully suited for mobile environments (extreme protection)
  • compact design - aprox. 55x80x170mm
  • integrated user interface in the front panel
  • analog inputs (4-20mA or 0-3.3V)
  • RTC (Real time clock).
  • several applications ready :
    • OLP (overload protection, cranes)
    • RCI (rated capacity indicator, cranes)
    • 2D Real time rainflow
    • Multi dimensional TAL (Time at level)
    • TBM (Time based measurement)
    • and more.
  • raw data easily imported to our own analyse program - Skutt - or if you prefere Excel or other.
  • SD card slot.
  • upgradable firmware.

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"Skutt" - An advanced software service for the calculating designer and for the expert test engineer

With our measurement services we don't satisfy with handling you lots of data of little use. We use our own tool Skutt for reducing the amount to very powerful, yet easy to use dimensioning recommendations. Eg. Skutt is a tool for analysing rainflow and time-at-leve data or importing raw time data for analyse as far as straight forward design limits. You get results ready for your day-to-day design work with respect to fatigue and/or "wear and tear". Skutt does take standards like EN13001 into acount. If you want to reduce claim costs from your mobile products - don't hesitate to ask us for more details about Skutt and other fatigue measurement products and services.

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SM1 - Data logger for rough environment conditions and for long term use.

  • Fully suited for mobile environment
  • analog input ch. (4-20mA or 0-5V)
  • Ready with communication
  • Several applications ready
    • Real time rainflow
    • TAL (Time at level)
    • and more.
  • Raw data easily imported to Skutt, Excel or other analyse tool
  • Our own powerful analyse software can be used via remote connection (optional agreement)
  • Upgradable firmware

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Semyre impact recorder - Data logger equipment for standalone long term measurement of shocks

  • Monitoring with 3D accellerometer records shocks.
  • Scientific evaluation of recorded shocks.
  • Up to 3 months on each battery
  • Ready to monitor your shock sensitive equipment or products.


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SC1 - General purpose measurement and control system

  • analog channels in (4-20mA)
  • PWM ch. out (24V)
  • counter input (0/24V)
  • Clear warning light
  • communication
  • User interface in front
  • Emergency stop
  • Lots of software ready

Ideal for monitoring, control and/or warning applications.

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SC1- Customer specific control systems

Same features as SC1/SM1 above. The hardware and software have a well tested modular structure and can be modified to your purposes with a minimum of time and cost investment.

Infield modem - A perfect sollution for your remote control and monitoring

Infield modem is fully prepared for your rough mobile environment to communicate with our measurement and control equipment. Comes with rich set of documentation and configuration software.

It fits right in to our products and is probably adoptable to your specific control system or measurement equipment. Monitor and download data from your desktop PC. Get raports and alarms to your cell phone.

We offer customized solutions on request.