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Material strength



  • Infield measurements and analyses.
  • Infield measurements and analyses.
  • Design for rough environment.
  • Calculations with respect to static and fatigue strength in mobile environment.
  • Design and design recommendations.
  • Programming and embedded programming
  • Testing and fatigue testing recommendations.
  • "Clean oil" system services.
  • Courses in electronics and embedded programming.
  • Vibration measurements and analyses including test recommendations.
  • Energy saving considerations.
  • Courses in fatigue strength and analyse of measurement data.

Our measurement services...

Many consultants can help out with the necessary measurement equipment. Sometimes
they'll also help you with the measurement itself. The "problems" occur when you have plenty of measurement data - in more or less post processed forms - but you still don't got what you needed for your day-to-day dimensioning work. In other words - you can't use your measurement data. We deliver professional measurement and evaluating services, which give you the graphics, statistics and "straight through" dimensioning tools based on your field reality. You get results for comparing your field measurement with your laboratory tests from a material fatigue point of view or for comparing the "wear and tear".Do you need any of the following from your rainflow data:

  • a post process of your "time data" to Rainflow load spectra?
  • a graphical presentation of your load spectra, including SN-diagrams?
  • load spectra compared to typical spectra from either BSK or IKH/DIN15018?
  • S-classes or k (stress spectrum factor) according to EN13001?
  • a corresponding no. of load cycles with constant amplitude and respect to the probability of failure?
  • a complete dimensioning tool with respect to all the parameters according to BSK?
or do you need any of the following for your time data:
  • a statistical post process of your "time data" to TAL (time at level) including 2DTAL (two dimensional time at level)?
  • a graphical presentation of your 1D and 2D TAL data?
  • the corresponding statistic values?
and if you still haven't got your field measurement and have any of these problems:
  • rough environment?
  • long term measurement?
  • a complex geometry with multi axle loads?
  • need for strain gauge rosettes and the presentation of necessary variables? Evan dynamic measurement with "on the fly" evaluation?
  • need for real time analyse for long time measurements?
  • need for calculated channels during real time analyse, such as torque, bending, hydraulic power, etc.

and much more...Don't hesitate to contact us!

Our electronic design services

We offer electronic mechanical design of systems for rough environment conditions. We deliver complete drawings and necessary manufacturing output for modern production of both the mechanics, electronic and cabling.

Embedded programming / Programming

We deliver well documented code in Ansi C for embedded solutions. When possible we always try to incorporate RTOS (Real time operating systems) in the embedded solutions.

The embedded solutions most often demand necessary communications with host computers. We focus on PC-programming in combinations with our embedded solutions.

Infield courses and training

We are proud to share our in depth knowledge of rough mobile environment conditions for both electronic products as well as mechanics. Our courses can be held at your office and do not only contain training during the course but also easy to learn self study material written by our course leaders.


Our participants show there opinions both on paper and with the look on their faces...  

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